Nindigully Landcare

Landcare is local people getting together to help achieve the future sustainability of their land. 
Founded in 1994  – The Nindigully Landcare group is incorporated and can sponsor Landholders,
Community Groups and Schools with funding applications.

Chairman –Gina Mace

Secretary/Treas – Heather Smith 0428 712 985



Activities the group has been involved with include:
1. Community Awareness Activities with Nindigully Community, Thallon State School, St Patrick’s School
 and Weengallon Community.
2. Subcatchment Planning in Weengallon and Nindigully Districts.
3. GABSI scheme with the Myall Plains Bore Trust.
4. NHT Envirofund projects for Fencing along the Moonie River, Relocating water points, 
Establishing pasture,Rehabilitating a salinity recharge zone, Eradicating Mother of Millions, 
Tree planting, Wildlife corridors and Forestry trials.
5. Supported the Goondoola Basin Group prior to their establishment of a Best Prac. Group.
6. Future Profit workshop series in 2001.

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