142 Army Cadet Unit  St.George
If there are teenagers aged between 12 - 18 who are interested in youth development and gaining skills for the future, then the Australian Army cadets could be the answer. Parents who are seeking alternative activities for their children to participate in, we may be able to help out.
Some of the development skills that the Cadet Units provide are team and individual participation in bush skills, field craft, camping, map reading and orientation.  Cadet Officers and Non Commissioned Officers provide training in radio communications, military jargon, emphasis on the history of the ANZAC tradition and much more. On an individual basis the Cadet Corp encourages pride in uniform and personal appearance; gain social skills, unit and individual discipline and most importantly respect for others and ones self.
Because of our decication to training and development Cadets can go on to bigger and better opportunities and if they wish to pursue a career in the Australian Defense Force. Major training camps are held each year, where units from Queensland get together and have fun and meet new friends.
Australian Army Cadet Officers have the training necessary for the health, safety and well being of all Cadets and must have Qld Qovernment issued blue cards for working with children, so parents can be assured your teenager wil be in good hands.
If any teenager who is serious about becoming an Army Cadet and parents who wish to come and have a look at what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.
This is an organisation needing members for it to stay afloat and most importantly to continue to support the youth of St. George.
LT Boyd and Bronwyn Hopkins  0437 557 935
2nd LT Karl Hempstead  0429 208 861

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